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"If I knew that the world would go to pieces I would  
 still plant my apple tree" - Ben Franklin  


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Native bat species are extremely  effective at controlling flying insects but their  populations are suffering because of a widespread disease. At Nettle Creek Farm we are commited to  enhancing their habitat.

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Rick & Jeanne and their Rick operating on treetwo Scottish Fold felines “Jeweli” & “Myrtle” welcome you to  NETTLE CREEK FARM!

Development of our “NCF” is a family adventure that began in the fall of 2009 with the purchase of 32.3 acres, 16 miles due northeast of the lovely southern town of Lexington in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Rockbridge County located in west-central Virginia.

Since 2009 we embarked on a number of projects designed to improve the property for humans and wildlife. These include but are not limited to: the planting of a new organic southern heirloom apple orchard with such unique varieties as Albemarle Pippen, Bevan’s Favorite, Burford Red Flesh, Carolina Red June, Fameuse, Goldrush, King David, Ralls Genet, Spice of Old Virginia, Red Staymen, Wagener, Winesap, and Yates; to new wildlife food plots and trails; stem injection treatments to battle hemlock wooly adelgid (HWA) infestation; and aggressive removal of invasive plant species.

Jeanne and JewelAll of these activities culminated in a formal conservation management plan being approved by the Virginia Department of Forestry and Rick & Jeanne being awarded the 2014 District Forestry Award by the Natural Bridge Soil & Water Conservation District “in recognition of outstanding contributions to forestry management and stewardship”.

We even completed a few fun home improvement projects along the way to enhance life in the mountains for our family and friends. So, we invite you to tour our website and enjoy along with us all the wonderful things that living in Rockbridge County, VA has to offer!

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Rick Marks and Jeanne Oliver
Nettle Creek Farm
151 Nettle Creek Road
Vesuvius, VA  24883




Rick Marks
Jeanne Oliver


For information on the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of the most beautiful highways on the East coast, click here.

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