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Bat House Construction (completed July 2016)

Rick and our Bat house


Bat populations in the eastern and central U.S. are struggling with White Nose Syndrome. WNS is a disease caused by the fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans that affects populations during hibernation. When the bats are forced to emerge from their winter slumber there is no food available and the bats use up key energy reserves and suffer increased mortality rates. According to the USGS’ National Wildlife Heath Center, current estimates of bat population decline in the northeast U.S. is roughly 80%.

We have several species of bats that frequent Nettle Creek Farm (see NCF “Critters” page). In an effort to support these unique, long-lived and ecologically valuable species we constructed and installed a large economy bat house on the edge of the NCF apple orchard. We used a specific house design from the Bat Builders Handbook courtesy of Bat Conservation International.  

Our partner on this project is our dear friend Robbie Burnett from nearby Buena Vista, VA. Robbie is a trusted friend, talented handyman, and pest control specialist. He does home improvement projects and also owns Mountain View Pest Control. He can be reached by phone at 540-570-6225 or via email at  

We plan to monitor the box for any activity so stay tuned for updates!